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  1. Can send a photo of the overall outlook of the box and one of the rack and base plate . thks . serious buyer here if condition is gd

  2. Check this out .. It won one of the months for 2011 Bike of the month Starmotors USA called "Something Different"
  3. Buy here. Secondhand I would recommend. Know how to look also. Hopes it helps the next person who has a look at this.
  4. Go JB can ask for them with installation $300-$400 slip-on mufflers only , whole aftermarket exhaust pipe there isn't any manufacturer doin them cause no market for them unless you use those for other bikes and custom yrself ei like Harley
  5. dragstar 400 classic . ran the bike for 6 years before needed to change the dynamo coil , battery and rectifier . stock bike and guess me putting the bike alarm 'drain' on the battery abit in those last years .
  6. Looks like this tread is sparse = sg bike owners prefer to let the shop do-it-for-them
  7. Ok. Shall start something myself. Date: 2006-2009 exact dates could not rmb Shop Name: YP Motors Address: BLK 9004 TAMPINES STREET 93, #01-92 Singapore 528838 Tel: 67871335 (Ah Kim/the other boss,head mechanic think his name is Alan or Adrian.can't rmb, used to call him ShiFU/Zhiwei) What service/product did you purchase? EO change, oil filter, air filter, tyre changes, breakdowns all try to send there. Good working LED strip lights and volt meter that are still working till now. Nanotech balls (increase FC type technology, similar to broquet Fix new ERP unit. Paint job on rear fen
  8. I was tricked into this one.. Nice one, knows what catches the biker's attention. Really smart one.
  9. I have to agree with lycan there.. Guess from your gfs studying, you guys should be around early 20s. Washabushi. If Speed is not your priority, power/torque and FC is.. , I recommend that you slowly find a good bike here online which in this case I would recommend a phantom TA200. Being a prior owner myself . I have to admit I was not intelligent enough back then (6 years back) to find out about this beautiful website . (If I had , I would have saved myself a few hundred dollars and probably had gotten a better machine which was well taken care of by its owner, if I STRESS strongly th
  10. That's the thing I learnt. By observation. Thing is that when you buy a bike, make sure you know what you getting into. Pay fully for your bike and stick to it , take care of it = low sum game. If you intend to purchase and sell online or sell back to shop = prepare to lose some money. Question is only how much. The longer you can keep your bike, the lesser damage it is to your wallet.
  11. Hi Bros of Dragstar, I was coming up with a project for my dragstar . Pls welcome me into the family . Doing a lot of servicing DIY and can help out with basic qns if you have any . Riding the bike for 4/5 years now so experienced the many hiccups that the bike can give . Cheers to the site and hope to meet you soon.
  12. Hi guys, using this forum lately to check out the scene and really get some help / knowledge . Previously was a regular at YP motor two years back. Ever since then doing my own servicing , only for tyre change would I go back to them . Anyone care to share their exp lately?
  13. Bro, I'm an owner of a classic dragstar myself . Interested in spraying my bike as well maybe we could look for one together. Guess most bike shops charge $350-$400 for removing the fenders and tanks and send for spraying. Ever consider to DIY as I am considering?
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