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  1. Please leave or pm your contact no. Thanks.

  2. heard u guys will be bringing in the honda cb400x.. will u also be bringing i the 400f n cbr400r too?

    anyways, would love to know whats the price on the cb400x! thanks! :)

  3. looking around for a 05 monster 400.. the japanese ones.. kindly pm if u have any info? thanks!
  4. @silly_wonka87, don't consider..! Go get it..! Haha..! So far servicing is $128 at every 5000km for me.. Havn't tasted valve clearence, so I can't advice on that yet.. where do u go to service your bike? what does this $128 consist of?
  5. hi all.. seriously considering getting an m4, any rough guide as to upkeep costs? hope there's someone to help me out.. )
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