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  1. no codes...,i have e volt meter n the reading is getting low day by day..
  2. norz

    Kawasaki 1400s

    Its been quiet e few mths n no one is chatting here Where is all e zzr riders.....
  3. Hi guys...,confirm my coil is e culprit... Nw bike is charging at 13.8/13.9v Majesty is healthy nw....
  4. hai bro.

    i from kl, interested with your item nom 1.

    give me last price....

    can met at jb to cod, anywhere at jb......

    if can, please arrage your time and date.

    please reply, thanks


    1)brand of race fairing is by sebimoto,comes with whole front,bottom n rear single sitter.before is green but had e fall on e left side.some crack n scratch.will include front hedlight,flush signal n stock windscreen.selling at 280 bucks........

  5. Bro, u guys got steering damper for sale?

  6. the erp is like loansharks.u enter u pay if nt u can get lost n nt enter...like old days if u wanna enter some rds there will be gangster asking $ if u wanna used the rd.in these,its legal as its operated by our garberment...even residential rd is nt spared.damn..............
  7. i' nt sure but throttle respond nt as smooth n engine idling is abit out.hv bring mi bike to meng tong but he told mi to come back nxt wk as this wk he is busy.hv done clearance,thin gaskets n iridium plugs at 10k mileage before.wats the caused of these symtoms.....???
  8. vol,how much did u pay for ur valve clearance...?wat are the thing tat the mech look into...mi bike is behaving strangely these days.ani1 has done tat........?
  9. Blk 3006 ubi road 1 #01-350 singapore 408700 fax:67475900 email:[email protected]
  10. hi guys,anibody run off from tp in 2nd link before......?wat will happen,ani info or answer,thanx..........
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