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  1. You can enquire from ASPhoon salesperson to negotiate for a deal regarding this 'trade up'
  2. Hi welcome. That's a very good price due to the lower COE. No street legal exhaust yet, still waiting.
  3. Hmm, perhaps you are very stiff when handling the bike. Try to keep yourself relax and be confident. Bigger bikes have more braking power and you Need to know how much pressure to apply when braking. Try go slower when going through the crank course or U-turn.
  4. Hmm, perhaps you are very stiff when handling the bike. For U-turn, be mindful of your speed before stopping and clutch control, a bit too fast and you have the tendency to brake harder to stop and lose balance. Try to keep yourself relax and be confident. Go for more circuit revision before going for prac 5 and inform the instructor you want to practice more on U-turn.
  5. Let me recall back, I think that time I changed at 500km, 1500km then 3000km, estimated around 2 months EO change interval. I just ride as per normal all the while. I using the traditional old school basket Good to change the brake hose to steel braided ones. I am also considering.
  6. Now NYP and all other polytechnics don't have free bike parking. All need to pay already
  7. Hi Bro, mine is matt black with a bit of red.
  8. Boon Siew is the authorized agent for this bike and not a parallel import unless the bike shop bought in PI models. Anyways, I am still in the running in process. The bike likes its rev range to be above 3k rpm, if not it will be "coughing" for the rider to throttle up. The stock tires don't feel that reliable, gotta upgrade those when its due for tire change. I have to say that the ride has been enjoyable so far
  9. I am riding the RS150R. IMO if compared with FZ16 and Spark 135, RS150R is a better choice. RS150R has smoother acceleration and more powerful pickup. Do take note of its light handling at the front during sudden accelerating as it will wobble slightly if caught unprepared. Its 6 gear feature is a plus point as you can cruise on the highway without stressing the engine and enjoy better fuel economy. Front tire 90/80 and rear tire 120/70 = more tire contact on the road surface and more stability. Its design is sharp looking and neat. A stylish design that is suitable for riders from al
  10. Your sales threads have been moved to its repective section

  11. Actually no harm done by operating the choke to start, just remember to off the choke after warmed up the bike or before moving off, if not the bike will stall halfway through the journey or even earlier. My bike GSXR now is running on fuel injectors, auto-choke to make things easier
  12. what Raptor means is not to crank the engine for less than a second tat kinda start. Press and hold not more than 5 sec or even lesser to fire up the engine. Appox around 3 sec range. For most bikes is the same unless for kick start bikes
  13. yea, but looks neat wif multi quoting thou cheers
  14. Yo bro, you can multi-quote many posts and reply in one single post, it will look neat & tidy instead of several single posts. There is this ("+) icon next to the reply with quote,, just click on several posts you wanna reply and once you selected the posts, click reply to thread and you're done
  15. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/81846-How-to-write-a-proper-appeal-to-the-authorities Can read through this link to find out more.
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