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  1. :cheeky:hahahaa.... Gong Xi Gong Xi... HAPPY BIRTHDAY...!!!
  2. :cheeky:HAPPY BIRTHDAY... SW9000....!!!
  3. i have a pair of original mirrors and a original exhaust pipe and a original air filter box from my ex Sportcity, wonder anyone is interested...
  4. ... the post in RP Thread also gone...
  5. I'm afraid its quite impossible for us to work on friday, if able to work on just sat and sun that will be great...
  6. U mean u will provide the scooter for us to travel around??
  7. hahaha... Good Question... How abt food Republic...??
  8. now then i noe this @hackers1 is in the same class as me... no wonder his bike so familiar... -.-
  9. hahaaha... yup yup.. lucky carpark gantry can tailgate tailgate then exit, if erp gantry jiu say "cheese....".... **snap snap** I top up $10 before going into Malaysia...
  10. cant find my cashcard when i want to exit a carpark juz now, then i now then realise i insert it into the cashcard machine @ custom on sunday when returning, take my passport but nv take my cashcard..
  11. Maybe u can disconnect the battery terminal ...???
  12. Some pics of Sungei Rengit Lobster / Melaka Trip...
  13. Hi there, came across your post in the scooter section and just thought if you could support our team in Scooter Narcotics. We are resellers of many major brands in Scooter Tuning accessories and performance parts. And will soon partake in servicing of Maxi-Scooters, your kind support will be very much appreciated as our page is rapidly growing. With up to 150 scooter enthusiast within 3 days of our page setup and a fast pace environment for discussions and FAQ's.


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  14. hay hay hihi guys... anyone wanna go for this april thailand trip? i cant go already, visa got terminated i'm looking for a replacement to take over mine.. anyone anyone...???
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