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  1. This is indeed, the best maintained CB400 that I have ever came across. Asking price is a steal. You will get more than what you expect. If not, you can look for me
  2. It's good that you put the note "no test ride , but can pillion potential buyer" because this awesome Ninja ZX10R is really that appealing! Seen it first hand. Seller is a great guy to make your deals with, but please don't "lowball" him. lolz. This ride definitely worth much more than the asking price!
  3. Thanks to all who have shown interest in my humble ride. It has been sold. My apologies to those who I have yet to reply due to my busy schedule. Special thanks to ldslds, lycan, kairenickk,T.D.C and all the bros here who have helped to bump up my thread while I am busy with my radiator guard projects
  4. Thanks for helping me ups my thread bro Sry that I have been really busy with my orders at Godsendworx.. Here's the new original plate light for my beloved spec3: http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S9b.jpg
  5. MAIN INFO Bike model: HONDA CB400 Spec3 Date of registration: Nov 2006 COE expiry: Nov 2016 (renewable) Road Tax expiry: Nov 2013 (renewable) Plate no.: FBH*55** (Just got this new no. from LTA as I retained my old plate no.) Number of bike owner: 1 Fully paid: Yes Color: Black Mileage: 89K (as of Oct 2013) ------------------ BONUS ACCESSORIES GIVEN with bike purchase (Not to be sold separately): Blueflame (Color Titanium) endcan with cert Hodaka 4-1 header Scott oiler K&N air filter Main stand Renthal handlebar Digital Gear indicator Star steel-braided brake hoses Adjustable clutch and brake lever New slim IU unit (5 year warranty from 2013) HID headlight kit (dual beam function, Low beam=halogen, high beam= HID) Hella Supertone horns Anti-slip seat wrap Belly pan -------------- ADDITIONAL FREEBIES: Godsendworx Custom designed radiator guard 2x Exhaust protectors for the Blueflame exhaust system on this bike http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S1.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S2.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S3.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S4.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S5.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S6.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S7.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/S9b.jpg http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Spec3/3.jpg Note: Low beam = Halogen (bottom left), High beam = HID (bottom right) ------------------- SELLING PRICE: SGD $9.5k (slightly negotiable only upon viewing of bike) Mode of payment: Full Cash preferred or find your own loan (if you have no idea where to get loan, you may wish to check out Bike Production) Transfer fee: $11 to-be-borne by buyer ------------------- SELLER'S NOTE: 1. I bought this bike 1st-hand with the intention of keeping it for as long as possible. Needless to say, greater care and diligence has been given to ensure that the bike's engine is well-maintained 2. Bike is now up for sale as I am upgrading to a higher cc ride 3. With only 1 owner, this bike and was used solely for local SG commuting, and till date, it has a low mileage of 89k (with comparison to bikes of similar age. Mileage correct as of Oct 2013) ------------------- VIEWING LOCATION is at: North of Singapore (Location to meet will be make known to potential buyer ------------------- BIKE VIEWING HOURS: I am usually available at the following timing *Subjected to changes as I might be installing radiator guards most of my free time, pls arrange with me: Mon-Fri between 8-10pm Sat afternoon Sun morning 9-11am, 5-6pm, 9-10pm *If you need other timing, I'll try arrange to the best of my availability ------------------- IMPORTANT NOTE: 1. DO NOT post your queries here in this thread I am not monitoring this thread. 2. Bike viewing can only be done with owner around 3. Accessories listed above WILL NOT be sold separately 4. Price is slightly negotiable ONLY AFTER BIKE VIEWING 5. DO NOT contact me to ask about the accessories. The listed accessories are bonus giveaways with the bike. The main selling point is a low mileage, good engine that you will be getting from a single owner as compared to you getting from bike shop or a bike with a few previous owners where it might be difficult to find out the bike's history) 6. This is NOT an urgent sales. I reserve the rights NOT to reply to dubious requester (e.g. asking where I parked my bike and wanting to "view" without me around ) or low ballers. To all interested parties.. Thanks for viewing. To my riding friends and kakis.. Thanks for your b.u.m.p and support
  6. Custom Radiator Guards for HONDA CB400 http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/Ad/Godsendworx_Custom_Radiator_Guard_Ad1.jpg 1. We also offer Classic Plain Black radiator guards, for those who are simply looking our for the protection of your ride. 2. Discounts available for mass order of two or more bikes. Higher PAX = Greater DISCOUNT! 3. Rider's Group Discount available for customization of the same Team/Group logo Feel free to pm me or visit us at http://www.facebook.com/Godsendworx.SG
  7. Welcome to the BF group Naughty Elson. Hi Bro, Can't say it's a need. There's many instances of simply plug and play exhaust pipes/ full system that has no issues at all. Like mine.
  8. hi is it possible to just buy the mesh as i intended to bolt on to my radiator guard...do yer have black radiator mesh...kindly contact me at 91151284

  9. GODSENDWORX RADIATOR GUARD http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/mesh/HONDA_CB400_Custom_Yoshimura_Radiator_Guard_by_Godsendworx.jpg HONDA CB400 Radiator Guard 1. Available in Custom designs or Classic pure black 2. Bundled package deals for two or more items, or for a mass order or two or more bikes 3. Loyalty discount awaits you if you are a returning customer 4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 5. Guide to Confirm Order http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/mesh/graphics/misc/Like_Godsendworx_on_Facebook.png Reflective Exhaust Protector (R-EP) http://i570.photobucket.com/albums/ss143/godsendworx/mesh/graphics/misc/R-EP_by_Godsendworx.jpg 1. Non-reflective Exhaust protector available as well 2. Bundled package deals available as an add-on to your radiator guard order 3. Loyalty discount awaits you if you are a returning customer
  10. hi bro, i got email you a few weeks ago regarding radiator mesh. my email is [email protected]. hope to get your reply soon. really keen about it! ;)

  11. Dear Bro GodSend,


    Could you kindly help to provide quotation for the following items:


    1) Description: Radiator guard

    Design: As the attached picture (background white, picture black - exactly as the picture)

    Bike model: Honda CB400 Revo (S4 Revo)


    2) Description: Exhaust Protector - 3M Black Reflective Wrap

    Qty: 2

    Note: will be used on stock exhaust but will have intention to use it on yoshimura exhaust. Therefore hopefully it can be used on both exhaust.


    Thank you so much for your time.


    Best regards,


  12. Hey buddy, I had dropped you a msg earlier this morning that i had sent you the draft last night but the email you provided is invalid. You have my number. Do sms me your correct email address or drop me an email at [email protected] Thanks!
  13. Thanks Bro. Will be uploading the new photos soon Thanks Bro Pm replied. Thanks for your pm mate
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