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  1. hi is it possible to just buy the mesh as i intended to bolt on to my radiator guard...do yer have black radiator mesh...kindly contact me at 91151284

  2. hi bro, i got email you a few weeks ago regarding radiator mesh. my email is [email protected]. hope to get your reply soon. really keen about it! ;)

  3. Dear Bro GodSend,


    Could you kindly help to provide quotation for the following items:


    1) Description: Radiator guard

    Design: As the attached picture (background white, picture black - exactly as the picture)

    Bike model: Honda CB400 Revo (S4 Revo)


    2) Description: Exhaust Protector - 3M Black Reflective Wrap

    Qty: 2

    Note: will be used on stock exhaust but will have intention to use it on yoshimura exhaust. Therefore hopefully it can be used on both exhaust.


    Thank you so much for your time.


    Best regards,


  4. 93671765. Sorry forget to giv u my no earlier

  5. Hi bro just resend email to u. If u still din receive it maybe can watsapp me. I send u e pics. Sorry to trouble u cos I dunno how to attach pics here. Tks a million

  6. bro how much is the exhaust protector n the wire mesh? text me at 98317365 thks!

  7. Hello, i would like to know the price for the radiator mesh with white Honda wing...for cb400 revo...thanx...

  8. Bro, this is andrew from JOS. Call me at 90078061. Thanks man

  9. how much is the Air Intake Mesh?

    Design: (Simply Black & Lacquered Mesh) with White wording "R6"


    how much for the Radiator ?

    Design: (R1 SP design) but in "R6" wording.


    Email:[email protected]


    bike: R6-2008

  10. hi ,


    I requested for a grumpy or oscar picture for radiator mesh a few weeks back. but u have yet gotton back to me?

    can i know how much is cost for spec 3?


  11. hi bro, can i make deposit first? really keen with ur pipe. contact me 90239044.

  12. bro.. sorry been so long den contact u.

    i am still on oversea work.. will be back on e 10 nov ( tues ).

    will contact u upon i reach back sg n arrange to fix up my orders..


    sorry again...

  13. hi, how much for a honda phantom TA 150? contact @[email protected]

  14. bro, i have a monster enery emblem design which i would like to have on the mesh. how do i get proceed? can contact me at 91550644-Yusuf

  15. hi bro, I'm intrestd to order radiator mesh, don't know how to contact u on phone. cud u kindly sms/call me @ 9697-1190.


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