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  1. SBF admin, Thank you for ur advice. I will get Engine Ice in due time. Kamsia Adesmond2, Thank you as well, as I am more confident with Engine ice now. Kamsia
  2. I read, engine ice good for high rev and top speed, but not for stop and go. Unless I am wrong.
  3. I never go that fast 120 I think good enough in Sg highway, but in Msia side would like to try one time what is the max speed. Any guru here know if the bike idling of 30 min crossing JB would kill the bike? Ur input would be appreciated. My friend ask me to changed to Motul cool expert hybrid as it protect the radiator, he say the heat goes up slower. I am willing to try provided it help also So far never wack the bike yet but start to ichy fingers already to mod . haha.
  4. Hi Guys, I just purchased Mt03. I love the bike, enough power and good fun. 1. Can I ask you guys when you cross the causeway SG-JB on run, does the engine over heat? I am talking about 30min to 45 min idling. Just want to know if the engine can handle the crossing as I previously cross 3 times a week for makan, petrol, cigc, food, message, etc. 2. Do you guys ever lower ur bike? I need 2.5 inch to flat foot. 3. Any Mt03 group?
  5. my beauty Fz16 - you FZ16 still available ?

  6. Hi Guys, Anybody selling their FZ150I, my cousin looking for 1, budget 3-4K(depends on condition, COE,etc)
  7. Shahrul, top up tp 800SGD and you can get 2 bedroom condo right in front of causeway with that budget. regards, khorlin
  8. sorry to hear about ur friend...my opinion is that we always have to stay vigilant no matter what... here 50% of resident are SG ppl almost feel like home actually.
  9. dinie, yes i was shock when my technician said so at first.. but i tried it myself and i am loving it... and yes you can get SG telco signal at the infinite Pool level 6.
  10. Johor is great after renting 2 months i think it is great. overall my quality of life is better .. also no jam after coming to causeway 9am.... i am a happy man now. Living just 4 KM from causeway, paying SGD1K. renting my SG house, wife no need work, take care of baby, got maid, food can buy top quality as lower price. Security at Condo Lagenda Tasek is actually good and average facility
  11. I got this friend stay in Johor Condo Tasek Lagenda and come to work everyday... he say it is very safe the condo very maintain and average security. paying less then SGD1K for 1250sq ft. rent his HDB to FT...wife no need to work anymore.... feeling like doing this.
  12. Hi, Monday I'm occupied though.

    Preferably weekend/s.

  13. Guys, Can anybody advise me where i can go to johor to fix my no plate (LTA approved for inspection soon) and service in Johor. Of course must be cheap and good... regards, khorlin
  14. Bikers, Need to assist my friend, he just got his license. He need to get a new bike. I told him to go for the Honda Wave. And looking from the Forum, i believe Wave are the lowest to maintain, quite save in petrol? What are the prices for Honda Wave as your bike shop. He got quoted 4.4K (cash) IU, road tax, everything. Many thanks for your assistance. regards, khorlin
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