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  1. Hi sorry for the late reply

    CerTech Gels have

    Whatsapp me 9237 9372 for faster response please

  2. Hi bro do u still have CerTechGel??

  3. it leak onli when it stationary... before i ride i clear the place but still nothing... onli when a few hour in stationary manner i saw some oil from da floor a few drip onli...
  4. thanks bro... btw it is oil leakage not from da nut. i clear da area and still checking where it come from. maybe later i check with my bike shop... the problem is when i morning check my bike and saw some drip of oil onli. i rev my bike not sound of air from under engine maybe due to da gasket from pipe or smth else i keep u inform when i got the ans... thanks anyway.
  5. it came under da engine hmmm i think should be engine oil leak can anybody confirm again...
  6. it come from under da engine i have a few pic taken can help me verify wad went wrong...
  7. i saw my bike have some leaking on da left side of da engine... can anyone tell me wad wrong with it and how much to fixed it...?
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