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  1. That's weird. How come 2010 model got silver swingarm? Dafansu and winner, when you take off your pillion seat, the sticker shows CBR600RRA or RRB?
  2. Hello fellow Bladers. It has been awhile since I post sth here. I feel bad that I cant join you guys anymore as I traded in my bike for cbr600rr. Had some engine problem with my ex fireblade, in which fixing it up would cost about 2-3k. Thought of trading in with new Fireblade but my pocket isnt that deep, for now. Anws, I've Zero Gravity windscreen to sell away. Corsa series. Fits 04-07 model. Inerested, do PM me or sms 83225580. *PS: Hopefully in a year or two, i'll be able to join this fun and caring group again*
  3. Yours is Corsa or Double Bubble?
  4. Yeah, 2010 model is black swingarm. Unless Dafansu got the 2011 model if his swingarm is silver.
  5. $19,500 + COE $1,503 + Insurance TPFT $1,125 = $22,128 Try to get 2011 model as i got mine for $23,000.
  6. M riding 04 model. Even more outdated. At least now i know got 07 i don't feel that paiseh. Haha.
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