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  1. i drove there twice and i didn't notice any bike lots.
  2. 65k km. Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  3. See how lah. Ups for sale.. Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  4. that's what i am scared of.. i think i go for yamaha better. hahah..
  5. Wah lau eh.. I always waiting for the owner to appear.. Nv would have thought its you ah.. Such a small world.. Your bike made me consider whether I should get 1 also or not lor.. Lol.. Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  6. Yes Bro ah lim.. How you know ah? Spotted my bike there before? Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  7. Selling my 03 cbr954rr (cbr954, cbr 954). This is 1 of the most comfortable sportsbike around, especially with the adjustable clipons. original paintwork, head cowling might need a respray. accessories that come with it, I will start from front to rear, if I can even remember everything. - Brembo radial calipers (original given) - Ohlins front fork (original given) - gear indicator - Apex adjustable clipon (up to 3 inch) - Motovation barends with bmw grips - Voltmeter - shorty adjustable flip up clutch lever (original given) - Brembo brake pump (original given) - Star steel br
  8. you can get reflective rim stickers from regina. or go juzz wheelz and ask them to paste for you.
  9. EL ah? cheaper alternative is to go MO check out the guy changing meter lights.
  10. s4 depending on age of bike.. ver s maybe about 3k+ can get? for such customised mods, its hard to gauge. but i would put it in the 2-3k range, including moulding of the fairing. stick to your M? bMw? Mv augusta? either way, stick to that. lol.
  11. different pple will recommend you different stuff.. end of the day its what you like..
  12. by right need to do valve clearance.. but depends on riding style also, got mech told me if every1 follow straightly to to do valve clearance at 40k he would be very rich already, go back to him when its about 60k-70k
  13. To me it's better to buy bikes already accessorised.. especially so when these are the accessories you will buy eventually any way. It's cheaper to get it with the bike most of the time. Do you need these accessories? Do a breakdown and see how much does the bike cost. Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
  14. bike production's price are reasonable. mark up the price of the bike or the insurance? they run a business, if they dun mark up the price of the bike, how to pay for overheads? if you are referring to insurance, i am not sure if you can purchase insurance by yourself. probably not, so cant be helped, maybe they did add in some fees for insurance instead of you purchasing insurance yourself.
  15. insurance is quoted correctly? cos sometimes i know shops quote insurance, is like for the lowest age group. where you got this quotation from? have you tried asking bike production?
  16. dun really like the looks as well. fc wise, seriously for a 2a bike its soso only. doesn't look retarded with a box only because plenty of pple have it. to me i think its a psychological thing in this aspect, the more pple have it the more normal it looks.
  17. i go to ubi to make.. the shop nearest to tp hq. i think its $5 for sticker, front of cos. rear not too sure.
  18. i think you can use new engine oil to lube your chain, some pple with scottoiler pour in chain lube to lube their chain.
  19. pics ah. i dun want to unscrew the black plastic out leh. everytime put in will end up sweating.. like fighting with the black plastic like that. its just underneath the 2 small pieces of black plastic, 1 on each side. EDIT: i can point it out to you when i meet you.
  20. not enough, just that other days otot pump lor.
  21. i agree with you. projectors for HID. but i am damn sure many pple are happy when their HID light throws everywhere.. irritating the road users in front of them.
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