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  1. bro. if u still do bodyworks n touch ups, please msg me at 91529367. I need to patch up some of my fairings n respray them. thanks.

  2. Bro still selling ur endcan? Street legal or illegal?

  3. Wah, respect ninja's comments. Always so fair-sided and justified. Agree with u bro. The action is caused by the person and not by the race. So y emphasize on the race. There are alot of black sheeps ard. peace.
  4. anybody is good at repairing laptops? My laptop suddenly die down.
  5. Lol, im serious. If alot of pple can make it, then i go plan.
  6. Guys, just checking . . . If we were to have a makan session nxt week on wednesday, 20th feb 2008 at ard 8pm-10pm, is there anyone who cant make it?
  7. when sia? Hahax . . . Good Morning! Vincent, when u coming?
  8. Lol, got la. Once in awhile bahx. Will organise one soon! : ) Morning master ai . . .
  9. Lol, aite. Provided raf can wear a dress, put on make up and wear high heels. Thanks Sis! Do take care hor. Dun come back a man. lol, how to pak tor? She also have cny visiting . . . Lol, go out with me la. Then we go ur hse.
  10. Just came back from mosque and nothing to do now. Sianx, feel like in the movie "I am Legend".
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