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  1. My rectifier was burned and the bike just cut off during my journey back home. I am currently working as HR executive at rotary. I just completed my degree course, currently awaiting for my cert.

  2. Date: 8th-9th March 2008 Time: To Be Confirm (Most Probably 12pm) Meeting Venue: GP Petronas Location: Kukup Organiser: Hachi Travelling Speed: 80km/hr (pls bear wif Sonic cruising speed ) Lead bike should cheeko as he knew the shortest way there. Cost: 80-100rm depending on number of people going. Will whack more rockets this time. 1. Hachi 2. AhGui 3. Cheeko 4. Francis 5. Weilun 6. Hippo 7. dun + wife (already apply leave) 8. aub 9. ahshin 10.jasonfz6 11. kazuhiko I have paid the d/p for the kukup trip...Cost would be 100rm per pax including of fireworks for now unless
  3. haha who say is a lousy bike? sv is one of the most popular bike in uk, just that the market in singapore is really small. Add info can be found in this website... http://forum.svrider.com/forums.php
  4. good luck for both your tp and your search for a sv bike.
  5. i have been riding sv for almost 2 years, i have no problems in getting the normal maintain parts. cos suzuki parts can be used for a few modelsof bikes. of if you meet major problem in the engine, that will be a different case.
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