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  1. oit how u know its me huh?

    [email protected] rite? how come u know my tp 2b date? basket.hey u take 2A with me how can u get class2 1st.. want to con me ah!

  2. bro wana trade with my super 4 ??spec 1..

    do look at my trade below


    CusTOm SuPer 4 wITh FuLLSySTEm

    call me at 81529445

  3. were you laughing? or were you sad? if i were you , i confirm will be laughing at it.
  4. really? havent eaten good indian food in a long time.
  5. what is this about? the safety officer allowed to join?? or do i have to smoke you first?
  6. i waiting for my exams to end then can go alr
  7. i really cant wait for my exams to be over soon in march , i'll be burning some real rubber.
  8. sia la. just now i racing with the TPs sia. i see my friend off at the airport that time.
  9. he talk nonsense la. hmm.. got 2 types i think one is a helmet size one. the other one is long one about waist long.
  10. happy valentines day!! so take these words and sing out loud cos everyone will be loved tonight
  11. 93362335. but you must do the fitting yourself ah.
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