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  1. Hi All, anyone upgrade thier tanks to bigger size before for thier burgmans? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. hahahha nonon the black one is not mine...hahah mine is red...currently using lame legal pipe..cant seems to trigger any car alarms in the mscp...hahah
  3. For s4rs i heard termi is illegal..ahahhah for other ducs should be legal..but then again i dunnoe what pipe is legal for s4rs... i think arrow is the closest legal pipe that i can think off.. not so sure..
  4. If ur planning to get a ducati, might as well get a ducati with dry clutch.. u'll love it... maintainence wise is considered normal if u service regularly.. full servicing can reach up to 1k (belting inside etc etc) depends on what kind of model u take... first hand shouldnt be a problem... hehe
  5. Hi all monster S4Rs rider anyone? lol what kind of bike cover does not affected by the heat especially when u just reach ur destination and trying to cover ur bike without melting the bike cover..? And what pipe is legal for monster s4rs?
  6. Hi anybody riding monster S4Rs? i got one full termi if ya'll interested. Ups for my monster brotha!
  7. plannin to buy full cash?

  8. FBB 06 model registered 07...interested? everything stock except for pipe..stock pipe included.

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