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  1. 1. Tri oval 2. Cyclone 3. Firespec Thats all i think for s4.
  2. Congrats bro. Hw much u gt it for and frm where?
  3. Wow. For sure its gg to cost u a bomb bro. Great pic btw.
  4. Am not too sure abt the brand though, but got it from unique. =)

  5. bro, what fork brace are you using?

  6. hey hey hey....

  7. bro. my helmet m but can fix L size head.

    my friend L size head, he offer me around 130.

    i looking at abit higher.

    you might wanna to try it?

  8. Hi!!.. and... Thank you! :D cya ard i guess.

  9. starr

    nice ride bro.

  10. hey bro! really interested! do text me at 98790764

  11. ouh ok.. thanks guys for the advise. =)
  12. hey guys. newbie here. need more explainations abt auto cars. i gt myslf an auto car and it got those additional gears. what issit for? can it be used for pick up challenge as an advantage? thnx.
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