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  1. Bro yinghai, notice your post on Xado and will like to rectify your experience of using Xado. Would you tell me what happened?


    Anyway, we are here in Singapore now.

    Please do visit and like our page http://www.facebook.com/xadosingapore

    Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks bro.

  2. What about you?? You need that bar man... I dont have time to collect it till sunday.. Sad..
  3. Thats a perfect bar... They still have it bro? I also want.. The rise and the angle is perfect...
  4. I ordering my fuel tank sensor.. Now my sensor like left 2 litre then got reading.. Above that will sgow empty...
  5. Is the riser high or low?? Try not to get long bars.. They will kill you..
  6. My top speed dropped to 130 now.. I think the rust has build up again.. I just wash like last month... Damm..
  7. I have a fixed full time job in thier record.. 2 company in thier record.. After getting kicked out, i got another job and its a freaking full time job with a blardy contribution with a blardy record in thier system.. My one day pay is 70.. Without reservist claim is 20 a day.. With claim is 38 a day.. Where the 32 bucks go??
  8. I got kicked out by 2 high paying company.. 80 basic hours 14 per ot hour and 50 basic hours 12 per ot hour.. Happily owning many bikes with lots of extra cash but Becos of one stupid government, now im stuck to a part time job.. Soon to get kick out.. Boss find it stupid... They keep calling for ippt, training, short courses, shooting and all not considered one cycle.. Im still in the second cycle after 4 years of pestering.. Can i appeal to mp? I really feel like breaking into a house but nv steal anything and then go to the nearest police station to plead guilty.. They are f$&king encou
  9. Nope.. Its at the pivot point of the swing arm where the long bolt is.. Track is fun but i dont think our bikes are fast enough.. Anyway, i got letter for august recall and september recall.. I really wonder when are they gonna stop pestering me... Haiz.. Can all those people please join the police force.. They really need manpower...
  10. Bro, swing arm hard to spoil.. Only swing arm bushing.. Sorry guys, im fully occupied with work and other bikes.. Will get back to you guys soon..
  11. Stock sprocket is 14/45.. So you get both of both world..
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