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  1. I think they will go after his estate but i'm not sure also.
  2. The thread is moving so slowly these days
  3. Tot the phones very easy to jail break. Heard that starhub has the best data plan for the iphone
  4. Wildswans


    Slow... The software quite slow
  5. Check out the SE website, there are some free games
  6. Wildswans


    Its not too bad. The screen is quite big and clear. But the phone is a bit heavy. Cheapest non-contract set found in TPY central near the KFC for about 800. Contract at Starhub is 458 for most exp plan and 658 for normal plan
  7. Just saw someone riding a lammie past my place yesterday
  8. Hahahahahah.... Quite good idea
  9. I think there are some fits around liao but not Jazz
  10. If you are renting a car, make sure you bring someone along to take picture and record every single visible dents and dinks so that you dun end up paying for someone else's mistake
  11. Most flora shop can handle car decorating, you can just walk in and ask them. Didn't your bridal photography package include car deco?
  12. When i used to drive the Jazz, i note that the FC is much better for long distance driving. But if you are making alot of short trips then the FC willprob be weaker. Plus, if you like to floor your accelerator for the quick pick-up then it will consume more fuel too. But I used to be able to get about 500-550km on full tank. My personal best was 700km on full tank.
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