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  1. i see thanks. Was supposed to buy that bike but the seller backed out 1 day before transfer.

  2. yes..........

  3. BRo would like to know if your CBR is FBD6629?

  4. speaking about 2t...how often should it be topped up? i heard there are three kind of 2t right? mineral, semi synthetic and full synthetic......which would be the best for RXK? cause i heard that some engine cannot tahan good 2t? any brands to recommend? dont want to scrimp in regards to maintaning engine life..
  5. thanks guys! after going downstair and look at the RXK and look at the pictures i think its the best bike suitable for me.....just one last question! i realize the rxk is a 2stroke bike...what additional regular+long term maintenance would it need?
  6. haiya i thought this kind of bike so old liao sure very durable...seems i misunderstood them abit...... actually i did consider the RXZ at first but i hate the looks.....any idea if it is possible to mod the exhuast to horizontal like the rxk or cb125? and the headlight also change to look like cb125 round round shape.....cause i know the RXZ is durable and i like its performance too..but i cannot tahan its "try to look sporty" looks...
  7. so u are saying if i want to use as daily transport i must get one at the best condition possible? how much would it cost to maintain one monthly? would $100 a month be enough assuming that i pay the bike by full cash? $2k should be enough for a cg125, helmet and all the accessories? then i can save up my other $3k..
  8. just to confirm this is the cg125 u guys are refering to right? http://w2.bikepics.com/pics/2006%5C10%5C24%5Cbikepics-709067-800.jpg
  9. i like its look!! a few questions..cause i still very new to this stuffs.. -if i get 2nd hand will it need an engine overhaul? how to check engine condition and stuff. -isit easy to ride? compared to a cub? -u said it cost 800-1200..isit on the road or machine price only? -how quick isit? doesnt really matter but i hope it can hit 90km/h comfortably cause sometimes i go visit relatives up north. dont want too slow. -what is the basic maintenace it needs? -which shops would u recommend to look at it? also if got cb125 even better..i like the cb125 even more....i have about 4k
  10. hi guys...i love the look the old Honda CB series...any idea where still has them 2nd hand...first time rider here getting my 2b license soon.... isit hard to find spare parts? i guess the CB series are quite problem free right? i was contemplating to get a honda wave until i saw the CB series....i also like the Yamaha RXS series....basically all the bikes with the the kind of look... around how much will it cost to buy one plus insurance and misc stuff and around how much is monthly maintenance? thanks in advance!
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