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  1. wah maint.. so high one.... i bought the SYM cos i read good reviews of low maint, cheap spare compare to italian n japanese... where do u go to at johor for servicing? Since bike still under warranty.. wat can i claim?
  2. Help... My SYM GTS of 2 wks old is already creating problems.. Got the bike on 5-Jan-2011 from MAH, on 8-Jan-2011 bike unable to start, had to tow it to MAH, found that carb overflow, was told it was a factory fault..so I was like, its ok..still acceptable... but one week later on 17-Jan-2011, bike cannot start again, this time when i pull the brake & press the starter no sound & i noticed eventho I put the side-stand, there was no side indicator alarm on the dashboard...seems like batt fault..still at my fren,gg to arrange towing to MAH again..the towing was borned by me Canno
  3. hi everyone... i've been actively reading this forum (actively sleeping for a matter of fact).. & been wanting to join previous meet-ups but somehow they always fell on days when I'm working or already tied-up with sumting else... I'll want to make it on the 19..I'm working (finish at 8pm) so can join after work... & oso My YB100 is recently done-up so I tink she is ready for meet-ups...
  4. hi everyone... i'm getting a yamaha yb100...thinking of doing it up... where do u guys go to restore ur vintage rides...i'm thinking of stripping the bikes,t ackle the engine parts for anything dat has to be change...oso where to polish the crankcase & block...so before i 'kena ketuk' wat are the things to look for when doing so & i noe its not going to be cheap...... any info is much appreciated
  5. royal enfield riders...i nid some info..i'm taking my class 2A..intending to get royal enfield bullet army...is it 350cc or 500cc..and roughly how much it costs??? Cheers!!!
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