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  1. i stay in punggol maybe can meet up sometime... cai me at 96985221 randy thanks

  2. anyway gd nites peep.. wanna slp la.. tmr morn klas.. lazy wanna fin up work tonite.. tired la.. slping sounds sweet n heavening..
  3. yup2.. last time to rabks.. we take it as a lesson learned.. so this time round its 630 move off.. late late la.. hehe..
  4. hey bro.. jus came bk? anyway, i update u abt goin to that godforsaken plc tmr can.. i mite go tmr or wed...cz classes mite be cancelled in the afternoon.
  5. Sengkang goes to Kota Tinggi:thumb: 1 day trip to Kota Tinggi Date: 8th March 2008 Time: Move-off 6.30am at Kranji Mrt Basically, a 1 day trip up to Kota Tinggi. Move off at 630 via 1st link. Have breakfast before heading to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls(60-80km away). Spend the entire day at Kota Tinggi waterfall theme park (RM20/entry). Shopping at the bazaar near Kota Tinggi before heading home via 1st link in the evening. Spending : SGD 50 shld be just nice. Ryderz, fill em' up! 1. Ettaque & Hot Chick 2. zamani 3. Straze & Cold Chick 4. Dan (pending on consent form)
  6. ok guys.. me goin out for tuition.. meet up at mac ard 8.45 for me..
  7. nvm, we seat there become mac riders.. he can even bino u from his hse..
  8. wokay.. nvr knw u use binoculars.
  9. good.. hope to c aeroplane landing in front of mac.. anyway what u mean by the mac cannot sit? tot gt chairs outside.. i pass by jus now gt mah..
  10. walau dan, u fly real big aeroplane ah.. sia 380 ah.. suddenly back out.
  11. SK 4TH MEET-UP + Planning 4 Desaru Road Trip in 8-9th March Time: 8.30pm Place: Macdonalds Rivervale Mall( nt plaza) Park opp the macdonald on pavement.. Monday 18/02/08 1. Ettaque (after 8.30pm) 2. Straze 3. zamani 4. danielsin2 ( if within SG waters ) 5. 7346 (some where at sengkang) 6.nastyBoy ( anywhere will do ) 7. sparkerS1 (depend whether he's free..he says to give him a buzz) 8. Asan786 (after 9.30pm) 9. 10.
  12. deal.. me goin sch in a while.. so will be back..
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