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  1. Ya same here. Normal servicing DIY as well Thanks for the input. Getting the tyres soon. Next month inspection -_-
  2. Ya true true. Where you do up your ST? Was recommended Pirelli Angel $360/pair and Metzeler Z8 $320/pair by another shop. Looking more for mileage as well
  3. I'm using T30 currently. On this set for ard 22000km. I change it at $300 at LAB last year. Recently went to check it was $360. Looking for other options. Thanks Stourer
  4. Hi. Need tyres for 98' ST1100. Models and price please? Any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Yeah! Tat day forget to msg u. Anything can contact me 81022312. Ride safe Bro. See when come out coffee.

  6. Yo benny! Added u

  7. bro plz beep me at 91007009 urgent..i wana buy ur suit.thankz

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