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  1. Yes. The bracket is same as the one that pic.

  2. here is de links to my preferred g shock watches tat i wanted for de mass order...msg me or kol me if its not accepted(as in not a trusted seller etc.) many thx.kindly update me hw much de shippin $ n de total cost.fyi,im gona buy de black nike shoes, n de 2 gshock watches 4 tis mth.nxt mth i buy yg laen.im serious on tis.a serious seller.kalu tak caye,tanye kak ina.hehehe








  3. bro u still hav ur pipe...??

  4. Answering on behalf of bro Yanani, Baju memang order thru him but for now he do not have ready/extra stocks. Have to get a minimum quantity of 20 pieces baru dia order. Hope this helps.
  5. Roger that. Hmm ... the one that you are referring to does not happen to fit a K5 does it?
  6. Any idea how much? Cos at I am doing some recce from overseas. Will post if there is "good news".
  7. Great additional info bro MC28. Hmmm ... i'm also considering which air filter to get. BMC ???.. .. Pipercross???
  8. My thoughts exactly. Bro, do update the damage for the dyno when you are done. Maybe dropping by Bukit Merah also cos need to recce some stuff at HKL.
  9. I was told that only need to do dyno if I changed airfilter, exhaust and fixed PC3 and GiPro. Any "seniors" can clear this up?
  10. Thanks bro. Really sad that I could not get yours but I understand your situation. Bro, PLEASE provide me with more info. Pm or email ([email protected]) would be great. And never seen the pipe on your bike. Care to share a pic? Thanks again.
  11. Yup agreed. Thats why I am eyeing on Akra pipes but my Ma'am likes Yoshi. Since its a "joint investment", may have to compromise.
  12. That is correct Sir! Where is bro Singkiwi by the way? Is the pipe any good? In terms of performance cos I'm not really into a loud pipe.
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