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  1. Custom made garments or Tailor made garments.Custom fit garments look cool and very attractive when you are in a function,party or in a racing mode.Made to measure fashion and racing apparel give a confidence to the rider and all who uses custom fitting.


  2. DIY ... Do it yourself should be the fastest way since the bike you are buying its being fully paid. Go buy the insurance first after that then go do the transfer of ownership at LTA, all can be done in a single day.
  3. http://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/on/xjr400/image/90793-56026.gifhttp://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/on/xjr400/image/93-56026.jpg http://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/on/xjr400/image/93-56046.jpghttp://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/on/xjr400/image/93-56057.jpg http://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/on/xjr400/image/93-65018.jpghttp://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/phots/93-56065.jpg http://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/on/xjr400/image/90793-66300.jpghttp://www.ysgear.co.jp/mc/option/on/xjr400/image/93-66901.jpg
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