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  1. Hi all, I've a brand new YTX12-BS battery for sale. Bought yesterday (25/8/12) but realised it's the wrong part number for my '00 Hayabusa. Unfortunately it's opened and i can't return/exchange. Have receipt for proof. Bought at $64.20 (incl GST), will sell at $50 (neg). Pls email if keen. Thanks.

  2. Originally posted by Hayabusa Sniper@Apr 7 2004, 02:08 AM

    Good turn up last night at KKFC. Nice to meet you guys out there and looking forward for some ouuting again :smile:




    Diablo Busa

    Hayabusa Sniper












    Ah Teck




    Sorry if I have miss out any of your name here or spell ur name wrongly


    haiyah! now den i read the post...my comp was down for the last 2 weeks, couldn't get online.

    :cry: :cry:

  3. hi all!!!!


    Very happy to hear that have at the moment 4 busa's on the trip list .

    I hope to gather more to go at least 10 so that it' more fun and also not too much to or else its too paced out.


    the outing is mainly to makan , put petrol, blow off carbon in the pipes that accumulated in S'pore and also to loosen up the engine. I have heared of a few busa's that blew its engine or cam chain tensioner because the bike was only used for city riding then the owner tried to follow the seasoned highway riders to speeds xceeding 240km so i guess its better to run in the engine to higher speeds progressively over a period of time . Even if the bike is 2 yrs old, it still needs time to wear in the surfaces for high speed.


    Don't worry as the average speed on our trip is 150km and the highest we go is about 185km/h because some of u are bringing the wife and mine is also coming along so the human rev limiter is active any higher than that the kidney gets the poking followed by the helmet whack.


    We can share mechanical problems and parts discussion and maInly we can bulk purchas too to get discouts on things like engine oil, filters, go fast parts or even things like busa shirts and jackets. My frind and me already made our shirts in JB with the busa logo and word, don't worry its a generic busa logo not some biker gang/groupie t shirt, only M$35 with your own personalise name on the it.

    can sms me at 90124475 for more info and also to ctc u back on itinary okhope o see more names soon so

    1)FU25--L K2 BLUE/SILVER


    3)FX77G K2 SILVER









    calling all busa owners to get together and start maybe our HOG the faster opposite of harleys.... Hayabusa Owners Group(no offence to hogs out there, rode hogs b4 too)

  4. ok. here's mine.


    (1) Steel - FT8C

    (2) teck - FX77G

    (3) edouard_g - FW 1573 P (formerly FR66#)

    (4) samuel - FA23H

    (5) wildboar/GTBUSA-FS 6498L

    (6) bongster6 - FX666G :p

    (7) ah-neng - FX****Z

    (8) gsx-r1100ws - FX1**4

  5. Originally posted by FaT8usaChap@Feb 28 2004, 01:41 AM

    danny, that you?

    ah bong here la.

    me helping khairul ask around.

    dint noe u were in the forum too....



    Hahaha........of course. I think better to get to know each other before the escort. A bit jeolous that my wedding escort only 8 Busas. TinG7ing, how u noe it's me leh? :sweat: Ok lah..it's me........heehee........Anyway, I was there with 2 other friends. Mambo_X9, that's suppose to be a falcon not an eagle.......heehee....... Guess the paintwork not so good. :smile: No offence.......That's FR22 - Diablo, and FS6498 - Wildboar.

    Singaporebiker23, heard abit about you...... Anyway, just share share info lor. Cos many things that those ang mohs do are not suitable for us here. And Hayabusa Sniper, don't act blur okay? I know you are always around.


    BabyVtec, your wedding day I escort on a K2 ok?



    hai, even if last time wana help u escort oso cannot, mi no bike then.

    anyway Diablo told me u guys thot u saw my bike at the airport the other day u all went riding. checked liao, its not.

    thanks anyway :cheer:

  6. Originally posted by FaT8usaChap@Feb 26 2004, 06:41 PM

    Hey Bongster6, I think we are in the same wave lenght. Don't always tok about money lah.......... :smile: Why not for a start, let's see how many Busa owners are there here in SBF? Introduce yourself and let's share info on this Monster. I think it's a good idea to know each other. Nothing to hide, just pure bike lovers. But then again, we are not discriminating any other bikers. I myself own a Piaggio X9 as well.


    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:


    (1) Steel - FT8C

    danny, that you?

    ah bong here la.

    me helping khairul ask around.

    dint noe u were in the forum too....

  7. Hi all, firstly, apologies if this thread sounds prejudiced.

    I'm helping my fren look for busa riders to help him escort for his wedding.

    Trying to gather as many as possible.

    Wedding is on 30th May 1200-1600/ From AMK-Sembawang-AMK.

    Can take it as an outing too.

    Those who might be interested, perhaps you can PM me your contact?

    Thanks very much!! :cheer:

  8. eh? i thot juz now i post only got links. how the pic come out i dunno.


    i edited for u mah. now the links seem down.


    k thanks...but is there a funtion that i can do it? cuz i dun see any attachment for pic, only URL optoin.

  9. GREG!!! make u gian!

    check out these pictures.


    anyway, how u attach the pic ah? tried to do that but cant, so u go see for yourself.




  10. actually can look in singnet classified to find ... can even go to motor shop to find


    kinda scared of getting from bike shop. wun know the previous actual condition.

    slowly searching lor...

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