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  1. I am keen in ur s4.

    86877670 contact me

  2. Contact me for cb400 want to buy. 91-77-32-36 rayner

  3. - 923 Eight Five 515 Isaac

  4. Bro contact no for CB400 spec S viewing? Thanks

  5. hi, i just so happen to see your comment on a closed retro bike sale thread. fyi, there're a few really retro bikes ( i think the brand is Puch) available at a bike shop located at BLK 37 DEFU LANE 10. :)

  6. I have an ST11 for take over..transfer and loan by you plus 1k for me. New alternator and shaft gear. coe 2014 can reloan at Southern motor

    give me a buzz if interested

  7. Thanx for the PM armofpeace. unfortunately, i'll be working on friday nite and saturday already got appointment. hope those who turn up have a good, safe ride.
  8. Care to share what is the top speed of your steed? I'm asking cos I was shocked that mine could only hit 130km/h with throttle fully opened, on level road, no pillion. but speedometer goes up to 170 le. i thought should a least hit 150. is there something wrong with my steed? if so, how to rectify?
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