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  1. did i sms/whatsapp you abt the arai ram 3 im selling?

  2. did i sms/whatsapp u abt the arai ram 3 im selling?

  3. would prefer to sell the whole bike in one piece. easy for the next buyer. but will update you if i decide to sell separately.
  4. afta 4yrs+ of great company... will only sell if get buyer who willing to meet my requirement. upgrade to big bike lor. hands itchy already. hehe.
  5. hello fellow vara riders.... im tinkin of selling off my fbb plate vara 125. so if u guys noe of anyone or ur frens who interested in gettin vara, do pm me. bike left with 10 installments til june 2012. bike 2007 registered. Givi top box and panniers. Mainstand. Tall windshield (not the tallest but taller than stock)... Potential buyer to be added as subrider and COI da remaining 10mnths + top up S$6k(neg). Transfer ownership maybe in da future. Hope to find an honest and dedicated rider to take over this beast which has been superb all this years. Thanks guys.
  6. tanx dato... will pay a visit there soon...
  7. regarding the bike wash @ caltex - the chemical spray strong enough to clean the rims also?
  8. its all stated in the post. size M. 58cm. black colour.

  9. any pic of da blue h-pack bro?? was tinkin of gettin one...
  10. haha.. sum1's addicted 2 shissha... "SUCK HARDER LA... WAH LAU EH"... sounds obscene, dun it... hahaha... all kena poke oredi...
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