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  1. don't so bad lah.. ah tiong also trying to carve a pitiful existence. Its really the ang moh expats that take the cake. Not taking the jobs Singaporeans don't want but directly competing with us. I'm fine with tiongs. As long as they're not in my way on the road.
  2. While such newspapers projects glamorise possible honesty and integrity, I'm not entirely convinced their balance sheet always even out. Greed will be found almost everywhere in the world. The US and Singapore doesn't look like crime free places to me. I think those vending machines are either a PR stunt or a governmental civic education program. Unless u are talking some African tribe or poor places where the people are rich (not in the monetary sense)... And then they don't need such stunts.
  3. Dream, by all means. Anything is possible when u are dreaming. Never know someday if Issac strikes toto he will get all those bikes and sub rider u a couple of them.
  4. Hmm... In UK its also like this i think
  5. Live and let live lah... Easy say, hard to do sometimes... But we try...
  6. so... what is the target u saving for? A lot of girls on diet can go on one meal a day one leh.. I dunno how they do it...
  7. u mean u have been going on 1 meal a day for the past 2 months? Diet or something?
  8. Other riders without a regard for safety will disturb you regardless of age, race or bike type, although we always sterotype certain types of bikers, like how we stereotype some car types, partly because they are over-represented in such cases. You deal well with peer pressure, you'll be fine. Its ok talking or ranting about it in a forum, if it helps you to learn. It seems u worry a lot, are you sure riding is your cup of tea? Is your passion for riding strong enough to endure all the hardships that bikers will face on the road? If you can take all of this in with an open and forgiving min
  9. so... maybe u can donate some petrol to me :angel:
  10. wednesday... u all talking about lunch in school or outing?
  11. Safety perspectives from US.
  12. hmm... 10 seconds is eternity to some impatient drivers. How about filtering left whenever possible? It makes for a more conflict free drive... but well.. to each his own. So...
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