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  1. Hi madman. U still selling front and rear fender for ta200??

  2. ins depending on age and exp... the only person can advise which is cheaper is the insurance agents... if u hav friends doing insurance, ask them check for u the cheapest is which one lor. for me i jus use ntuc, $200/yr for my vlx600, with full rebates on...
  3. i hafta agree on this... i did not hav to change or tighten my chain for 2 yrs when using a jolly expensive gold chain...
  4. its ok, we appreciate ur sacrifice horkay...hehee
  5. can renew as long as its not on a 5yr coe...
  6. not that on one remembers kev, it's cos most are newbies don't know what the old birdees have done... I rem each and single thing (i hope la, getting old u knw), but most impt thing is this, the bros here we neber abandon each other...(regardless of who tire puncture need my rack, or i outta petrol need rescue )... hahaaa
  7. how we going to consolidate those who confirmed in FB events ah? Put their names or nicke here? hehee... there's quite a number there also leh...
  8. In that case rite since u not gg at template time best u amend it to cancelled or sumthing so newbie like me wun be confused la... Kekeke...
  9. Funny la, someone put template then later put gg in at 5... Thing here is, once u put template in, regardless of hav anyone gg in or not u have to be there times up then u go off... Dun understand le, 放飞机? I hope not hehee... I newbi not sure of rules here, sorli.
  10. U can bring ur darling n kids Liao... Dun tink ur nation serving that long rite? Kekeke
  11. Convoy Details Date : 27 Aug 2011. Saturday... Destination: Aloha Changi, Chalet L (See Map here) Attire: Phantom Knights Polo shirt (if you have, if not black Tees or polo is fine). Meetup point: Bishan Park CP opposite Blk 341 AMK Ave 1(CLICK FOR MAP!!) Time to meet: 1600hrs(4pm) Briefing: 1620hrs(4.20pm) Move out: 1630hrs(4.30pm) Route: AMK - CTE - TPE - ECP - Changi Coast Rd - Chalet Distance: Approx. 40km+/- Travelling time: Approx. 1hr+/- Note: Always adhere to the local traffic rules and regulations. Convoy is to be travelling in local le
  12. u copy the template from 2010... ok... map all those if u need i'll pass u url... this yr u be the ah long san...wahahaa... those in fb confirmed jus auto add them... this yr have to collect in advance $ for the makan cos is buffet style type, cant afford ppl put air plane say come but nvr come and order for x num of peeps... but as long as pay liao dun come it's fine...kekeke...
  13. Who say no membership? Got! To be member muz come out for ride, not hide behind the screen... Hehee... Sorli newbie PK talking... Many peeps dunno who I am that why I newbie...
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