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  1. gd morning..... going school......... zzzzzzzzz........
  2. btw, saw a bike juz now on PIE, FT 3238 found it familiar.. but i saw 2 fat fellas on it.. lol.
  3. wat a post clocker... 4 letters to u... S.L.U.T!
  4. !!!! i know the feeling of getting backstabbed.. everytime play CS got camper camp behind crates wait for me walk pass than backstab me i sure slam my keyboard one!!
  5. if i'm not wrong its 45 per month or semester i dunno. go down general office check it out!
  6. jian hao the freaking puss barks..
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! SLUT U! u got the wrong farking person ah! LOL. _|_
  8. wtf!! ok lor.... now i chee hong already i not welcomed already lor........ ok lor.........
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