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  1. long time no see bro.... do add me in facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/ScooternNarcotics

  2. used.. trying mah see which is good .. so far stock spring is good... still looking at it.. and training myself to open up transmission box .. hehehe.. the one supplied is definately good. mix match to suit wat i need for everyday use ..
  3. will make a trip down tis week, maybe tomolo or sat..
  4. tis is the part i haf been meddling with for the past few weeks.. now i haf three springs in my werkshop. the stock 1s(a), the 1 tat come with multivar(b), and the racing springs©.. so far tat i notice, b and c haf the same tension or maybe slight diff but c of a greater length, a and b, same length but diff tension.. tried all of them with 15 grm rollers. i shd say c has a lot of pick up but maybe due to my engine not mod in any way, it din reach to its full potential(maybe). in the end it revs too high to get to my desired speed.. b pick up slightly poorer but achieve better top end and
  5. hello boss, do u carry oil filter for runners? '06 ones.
  6. wuahahaha! if u think u are fat means i jumbo size already ar.. when free? i wanna change eo at bas' hq ar.. paiseh abit.. hehehe
  7. nowaday very busy with werk ar .. alot of engine parts coming to my werkplace for overhaul .. hahaha..
  8. knights kill dragon mah.. hahahaha! but he quite nice guy lah .. only his theories are more biase to 2 strokes ..
  9. yah lor.. dunno still active forum wise or not..
  10. jalan2 only mah.. where got money go shopping.. broke liow.. hehehehe!
  11. since when is ur bike up to ur expectation? hahahaha! nvm, i take ur word ar.. hehehehe! Been awhile since we haf a kopi session for runners only. esp after tat green dude sell his bike.
  12. andy , how are u? i heard ur bike now very fast huh? hehehehe!
  13. he's trying to say ... he spend so much time and money for the perfect tune for his bike.. why shd he tell u? wuahahahahaha! juz kidding. wat he say abt bike shop not so helpful, in this part, is bcoz its a tedious process. unless u haf the time and good money and oso good repo with a bike shop .. hey why not. it will better if u get to meet spy in person, tat is if u manage to get him in the 1st place (very busy man). hahhahaha! there's also ppl like sheep,controversy, ts1,etc.... who's really into tuning their ride to their specific needs. btw spy, when's ur coffee session? hahaha
  14. hey bro jc .. hows the guard.. ok ar?
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