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  1. My friend got this bike... Very comfortable and much lighter compared to T max... Also quite different than traditional scooters.
  2. Hello prospective buyer. I have a 2015 early April registered Kawasaki ZZR1400 for sale. I’m the first owner. You will be the second. Currently odometer says 43,XXXKM. Check out my carousell page. PM for more information. https://sg.carousell.com/p/kawasaki-zzr1400-zx14r-227939351/ List of accessories & parts replaced: 1.Street legal akrapovic exhaust. LTA friendly. $3000+ 2.Spiegler steel braided brake and clutch hose. Front & back. $600+ 3.K-factory clutch slave cylinder. $400+ 4.Puig rear hugger. $250+ 5.OEM mainstand ordered. Haven't installed. $300+
  3. I'd like to get a pair of HH sintered front and a set of organic rear for my cb400 revo non abs. Let me know the total price and acc no to transfer. Thanks

  4. Sorry to hurt you but, I seriously think such tech is not available on spec 3. It will open vtec only after 6000 plus rpm. 6.700 rpm iirc...
  5. Guys anyone have experience in the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)? I know it specializes for cars but do they make an exception for bikes?
  6. My best was 340 then the bike came to a stop at south buona vista road:cheeky:. Thank god esso was nearby. Best is to top up when you reach 1 bar... Don't play play... Unless you want a good workout for your legs...
  7. It's a one size fits all thing bro. All the tanks are the same or at least same from the year you stated.
  8. Mine is usually dam high esp after a rainy night. Will idle at 2K plus rpm then slowly will decrease.
  9. The bike meter will swipe two times. One when bike is turned on. Second when you press electric start.
  10. Bro Fazli is right. OEM battery is costly. It is otherwise know as "type 10". "type 9" battery is about 40 to 50 dollars cheaper. Mostly that's what riders usually change after OEM battery has reached it end.
  11. getting the new revo ah bro? all the best ah... what maverikRD said... got cash no problem to bikes... when no cash... all kinds of problems pour in... hiaz....
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