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  1. Call me bro, need help.91351213

  2. 1. Gr8White (ETV1K) 2. Replay (XR4) 3. ckchin 4. Chris 525 (FZ6) 5. B_E_N (S4) 6. Stn 33 Heng (SW400) 7. Heng Friend1 8. Heng Friend2 9. Bpotr & Kuniang (DR650) 10. wne12R (Fz6S2) 11. zewei (fz6) 12. zewei friend (gs1150) 13. Choon seng+ pillion ( bubusasa) 14. Dajiro (CBR600RR) 15. Alan_See (GS1150) 16. happy125 (xjr) 17. Ryanryanryan (sp) 18. Replay Friend GL1800 19. Replay Friend S2R 20. astrorion + wife (FZ1) 21. bikez + pillion (s4) 22. CAS+pillon(STX) 23. Redhotchilli (ST11) 24. Encik Pat (GS650) List will be close by Thursday after midnight 07.07.11. No fur
  3. Due to the unexpectancy of the group, dinner will be pay as u eat. I'll collect SGD15 on that day for durian only...
  4. OK guys... the trip will be S$40 (Durian and Dinner). Pay on that day when we meet, prevailing exchange rate is 2.35 or lower depending on that days rate if paying in RM.
  5. DRZ is also a posible west to east travel, but u have to give up on the pickup of the bike by changing to a smaller sprocket. This will give u a smother ride on the highway without tearing ur engine. We have guys travelling to thailand on the DRZ with similar sprocket change too. Have fun bro.



  6. hey there. im new here and just stumble upon your profile. i just passed my 2a and currently looking for a bike. just that theres been a problem. i dont know which bike suits best for me. im interested in drz and super4(spec 3 and revo). but i couldnt decide. plus i usually travel from west to east. i know the obvious bike to choose would be super 4 but i favour drz too. any advise? thanks.

  7. this one i had for dinner already, leave her for u...
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