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  1. vondy

    Harley Riders gather

    SELLING HD rinehart exhaust! + HD TAIL RACK. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/366953-Hd-rinehart-exhaust-solid-sound-hd-tail-rack?p=7711282#post7711282
  2. vondy

    Harley Riders gather

    and also an aqua bar. contact me at 96537273
  3. vondy

    Harley Riders gather

    Selling a pair of Rinehart exhausts. used but good condition. fits on sportsters and dynas. text me at 96537273 for details.
  4. hey, are u selling ur K6 1000? text me at 96537273 or whatsapp me

  5. hey bro, u still looking for PGM 4? contact me at 96537273. mine is SP model

  6. hi bro any news regarding the wave basket..?

  7. Eh.. I thot this bike is not supposed to be reg on sg road? But I've seen this on Used Bike Section few yrs ago.. It was on sale.. Complete white, selling over $10k / $20k ++++ cant remb..
  8. Wah! U tell lie also no need blink one hor? haha.. Kelvin take 3laps at PG I only go one lap nia.. Then on SG road, u overtake kelvin.. I think we all know who's the fastest liao.. haaa...
  9. Bro, Honda RS250 or Aprilia RS250? Pls specify.. Haha..
  10. Bro, thats why i say i no talent.. Bike too fast for me.. Its the rider's problem, not bike.. haha.. U say ur bike slow, but ur skill good wad..
  11. Bro, u replied him too late.. haha.. Btw, I just went on the 4th of jul.. If u wanna go, jus call me.. We can arrange a time and go tgt..
  12. Keraking: Uncle! ur inbox full la.. Wan pm u also cant.. haa..
  13. C'mon.. U know I'm more than friendly alright? Also, not much talent in riding, so I'll always have to clean up my head cowl and visor after an outing..
  14. 100k Rupiah la.. haha..
  15. Ya.. If see you, SURE can see u smile after eating ur smoke.. haha..
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