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  1. Ups for my sales furing the weekend
  2. Up for a good and reliable bike . Never gave me any problem in my 5.5 years of ownership
  3. Ups for my sale. Price negotiable
  4. Hi riders, Please do msg me for pictures as i do have ppl msging me and asking the reason why i dont put it up here. For some reasons, i am not able to upload it and i do not want to waste time foguring out. Price is negotiable as i am planning to switch to car due to family requirements. Otherwise, bike is in good consition to go for another 10 years coe. This would make sense given the additional taxes implemented on new bikes.
  5. Hi guys, I am looking to selling off my vfr800. PM me at 97234538 Price: 3.5K negotiable Details as follows: Coe till apr 2019 Mileage:about 150K Oil and filter religiously changed on 6months or 5000km which ever is earlier Fully stock. Recently changed: OEM sproket and x ring chain OEM rectifier Rebuilt ohlin rear suspension and front fork Reason for selling: upgrading to car For some reasons, I am not able to upload pictures. Please contact me for pictures. thank you
  6. Bike is in good condition to go for another 10 years. Just did EO change in Oct
  7. Will let go when the price is right. Interested buyer do on me so that I can send you a picture of the bike in its current state.
  8. i use the ranch to check lo. and it's definitely tight.
  9. SIM now need to pay right? Got the gantry now
  10. eh??service wat??change eo jux diy lo...read the manual le...shld be easy...as for the overhaul ar??use until realli chui first ba:P where to get mobil1 eo ar??my friend told me its good
  11. i feel u better go bled the fluid once again. probably got air so like tat lo...
  12. but the mech told me semi best to use for 2k so just chang lo. so i don have to every 2k or so go and do full servicing ya?anyway full servicing include wat?jux routine checks and stuff?
  13. hi guys, my bike reaching 2k soon so its time to change eo. normally if send to shop, what other thing to change for 2k servicing?
  14. hey guys...jux curious...for those staying in HDB don u guys worry that ppl might jux dmg yur harley or smth??afterall harley is a lurxuy bike...some ppl might jux have red eyes and jux do sme dmg to it..how u all prevent that from happening??
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