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  1. Hi do you have brand new original rvf nc35 full fairing ?

  2. hi bro do you still sell honda cg parts? tank and stuff?

  3. Fibre base complete with seat n rear rounded hump only 180 new
  4. PGM stil avail

    Call 98304630

  5. Pgm still available?

  6. Yup but some stupid idiots say old bike ah why so exp and ask for ridiculous prices.. These ppl dun know the value and meaning of rare...
  7. If u wanna compare other sources and wait no prob u can get from ur other sources
  8. hey. do you sell windshield, mirror and signal light for MC28?

    you have it in stock that i can purchase immediately?

  9. Mitra Motor can do,Blk 1043 Eunos Ave 3,they can also import the parts from Japan like ur mainstand
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