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  1. 84481180,no smsing,800,cant go any lower

  2. Hi, I would like to post a thread to sell my bike. However the forum said i do not have enough rights. What could be the problem? I have at least 50 posts and have joined SBF for a few years already. Pls advise, thanks.

  3. Wow safe and free parking space for you next time when you are shopping ard town =)
  4. Making a new ignition key is roughly $60. My friend key was "half-broken" in the keyhole and had to tow to workshop to fix it too. Good luck for u bro.
  5. Hi, i go brothers very often, but only like to be service by one of the uncle there. He's the eldest, others u can see are youngsters. Once u build up rapport with the uncle there, he always help me check minor stuffs like brake pads, cables, lights, clutch for free =)
  6. Hi wave can be a low maintainence bike too =) Has high FC and usually u can find one about 1.5k?? Hee good luck =)
  7. Brake fluid reservoir can be found somewhere near the brake lever, for most bikes. Hmm best to check with mechanic for advice.
  8. I guess it's batt dead too. You can easily change it at bike shops, get those dry cells. Cost ard 60 bucks.
  9. Hi, i heard yishun industrial area there are some bike shops that provide such services. Perhaps you could try it out? =)
  10. hi is your bike still selling? I'm interested, how could i contact you?

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