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  1. Just got a 650GT... Is the group still active? Sent from my BLA-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. Is this thread dead? I just got a GT. Sent from my BLA-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. After upgrading to gingerbread, I realised that the battery power is suffering slightly. I can only managed 14+ hours of usage majority is standby time and I don't have much calls. Mostly used by my son for angry birding. Recently battery meter suddenly went bonkers, indication went from 60% to 1% without warning. It didn't shut down. 3rd party apps also indicates the same 1% power level. Restarting brings the battery meter to sync with the batt level. Under heavy multitasking, switching from apps to apps to apps (3 to 4 apps). the galaxy will just shut down. Add-on dated 11Jul batt
  4. Hello felllow SGT user. I just join the party few days back. I owned an Ipad(3G) as well, after just several hrs of using Android, I now prefer Android over iOS. hooked up to PC and updated to 2.3.3 gingerbread, nothing lost, don't have much inside anyway. - Like: Expandable SD card, visible on PC when connected, Data, Music & Video transfer without need of special software like iTunes. make calls (voice, video), SMS, MMS & Wassup Share Internet Via tethering & potable Hotspot 4 buttons Widgets Dual Display (home and Application) the least used apps can be hidden away
  5. I switch to SPC 92 ever since it opened at SengKang as it is very near home and I get 15%+ discount when my POSB everyday Master card. My Bike performance aren't too much different. Just topped up the 1st tankful of the newly launched LEVO thingy. don't feel any big different too... Or maybe just my Butt Dyno is not as sensitive as the rest. BTW Haven't try out the 2T yet. anyone can spare me 100ml? Previously, my engine runs at 4-5Krpm and cruise at 100-120Km/h on the expressway (~22Km/ltr). I've been going easy on my throttle lately never exceeding 4Krpm and 100Km/H. hopefully this w
  6. Can we all agree to disagree. Each have our own belief and faith. Here Riders are giving 1st hand account about 2t in 4 Stroke Engine. Another group of Riders are warning others about the damaged that can be done. There no right or wrong, it is a Butt-dyno vs Principle (2T not made for 4Stroke engine). There are tonnes of additives out in the market. do we really know what's inside? I remember putting some pink creamy non-flammable gel into my SV650S fuel tank that claims to improve performance & other miracles. I finished the whole bottle with no advert effect and no improvement. So?
  7. No, he didnt. i saw you on the bridge (i was riding a blavk r1100s, opp direction of you) and then I saw your post in the forum. you are right, i used to have the stalling problem but after changing to knn and iridium plugs it goes away .guess you need to ride it often. i also done my servicing at perfection. i miss the 6667, very comfy bike :)

  8. Really, small world! How do you know it's me? Contrarian told you?


    I took over with stalling and low rpm surges. It would hesitate (broom... Broooom... Brooooooooom), retard response (open throttle, engine respond minisec later). read up F650.com and other webbies, I suspect the injectors are dirty, so I loaded the fuel tank with STP injector cleaner.


    Now, the more I ride it, stalling (none, unless stuck in long jam or multiple traffic ligth) and Hesitation (every few days) less frequently. I saw a receipt (somewhere 2008/9) @ 82K service ~$500 at Perfection. I took the bike ~87 or 88K, So the past 2-3yrs, Contrarian had not been riding much, maybe roughness due to this. Did you sell it to him ~3yrs ago?


    I am now quite happy with the bike, riding the F650GS and my SV650S alternately. Bikes are meant to be ridden, not parked 1 side for dust collection. hahaha.


    Anyway, found a rider who is interested in swapping his RT11... might just do it if the conditions are right.

  9. I'm the first owner of 6667 :) I sold it to contrarian some years back. really happy to see the 6667 again, love the bike hope it serve you well :)

  10. Yeap that's me. You riding a F650GS too? I don't remember seeing one beside me. Or maybe because I can't see clearly as I don't wear my prescription glasses while riding.

  11. Hi, are you riding the 6667? Saw you once on the bridge from sengkang to TPE. :)

  12. Hi, are you riding the 6667? Saw you once on the bridge from sengkang to TPE. :)

  13. Can't remember when I post the image... But I bought the attachment at a hardware shop. It can work work with any drill with a 3 jaw self centering chuck...

  14. hey may i know if the buffing disc pic on ur signature is for use with the black and decker drill?

  15. Blue SV at SengKang with tank bra? Compassvale blk 224 carpark? Most likely be me lah. There is no market value to talk about. as this is rare bike, I know I was chopped when I bought it from Dexing... but what to do, it is so rare that I have to be willingly chopped under bo pian situation. If 10yrs Super4 selling $5K, you can ask the shop to go fly kite... but SV you either take it or leave it.
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