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  1. yeah man. that may not be a coil problem. i suggest you seek a 2nd opinion first. sounds more like a rectifier problem than a coil problem actually.
  2. yup. wd40 works damn good. after cleaning, use a rag to clean it off properly. and lube immediately after
  3. actually, if you have a multimeter or some sort. you can check the charging yourself by measuring the voltage at your battery terminal.
  4. anyway @Ah Pek, i went over to ah fook to get this checked the other day, he mentioned that this problem could be solved by grounding the bike more. which i believe the rectifier needs to be grounded as well also. he asked me to look for you for grounding. can you pm me how much will you charge for it? thanks ah pek
  5. its mentioned somewhere in this thread that if you want superstar treatment for your bike, go elsewhere. i'm personally going to continue to visit his shop for repairs
  6. its the heart of your electrical system on your bike. change only when its dying.
  7. odd. that's exactly what i told him, but during servicing, ah chong tested it and said its all good. lol.
  8. when you travel 50 km a day means you cruise on the highway more, thats why FC is better. i believe when you travel only 10km a day, you are doing more riding in start stop traffic, so FC suffers accordingly.
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