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  1. pls do so next time , i be waiting anytime anywhere for u to do so
  2. hi bro i am kinda interested.

  3. fwah.. go bike shop ask for this accessory call Time Warp ask for 12V , install can travel thru time Fwoooo
  4. But u love him thats y u bought over the bike Fwooooo
  5. yeah itw as raining like a mother fooker and im at work now :dozed::dozed:
  6. heheh seling at 8K (neg), i got another ride liao hehe
  7. Selling my '99 XL53C Interested can sms me at 91157779
  8. Greetings and Salutations fellow HD riders I got two brand new unused items for sale 1. Ultima 10" rise 1 1/4 inch Drag bars $130 2. A Pair of progressive shocks for Sportster 95 to 03 (ok i dunno wat brand but its confirm brand new, and i dunno for which sportster model cos i tried to fit on my 99 Sportster 883Custom (Shocks was given to me by the previous owner he forgot where he order it and he ordered wrongly, so cannot fit LOL so those who wanna come down n test . try or see let me know) - $250 (neg of cos) Attached photos are for ur viewing pleasure, feel free to contact me
  9. I'm Interested to view your bike sms me at 91157779 Damien

  10. Hello everyone, sorry to go off topic i am selling a 4" Aped Z Bar UNUSED for 130 Bucks do sms me 91157779 if anyone interested
  11. Hi ! i heard from Nukye that u r sell the used tall wind shield for the TDM900. Is it true , how much r u selling

  12. bro i thot u went last wk, sure what u stay?

  13. Thanks for the great ride guys sorry that you have to accomodate to my timing but i had fun though it was rush trip
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