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  1. bro, bike still available?

  2. Hi,it will be good if you can help me for the visibilty in my thread. thanks

  3. hi bro.. actually i'm lookin at 1.5k for the x1.. maybe we can meet up 1st and you can take a look at the bike also.. if ur friend is really keen, i just might let it go at your offer..

  4. .......................

  5. diy,how sia..i read the mo thread...u all talk abt acrylic sound like Dnt sia...btw orange,read the thread,saw u wrote tt u know how to do on speedometer and headlight..is it true?ahaks
  6. wah so ex?JB dont hab the angle eyes?how bout hugger?
  7. hello sp riders, how much does it cost to fix hugger to sp and devil eyes?and where to get them
  8. bro albert moto got extra fairing for sp if i wanna go for spray?
  9. riding rxz now...wanna consider sp or gilera 180..haha
  10. wat if everything is stock?and wats the difference between sp and fxr?sry if i ask alot of qns =D..just wanna know abt the bike before i change.
  11. hi,can i know wats the top speed for gilera runner 180...i heard its 120km/hr... is it true..?
  12. woo if really got gathering...good sia..get to know each tamp rider...haha
  13. bro pendek,sry promise to meet u in the afternoon..but thx to my friend who didnt turn to work..i hab to send all the order from morn till night...really sry bro pendek.
  14. haha no lah,wont take it personally...btw abit happy with my bike now after i send it to my workshop..but guess wat..the mechs told me my piston is local...so this means tt i kena cheated by the previous shop when i did overhaul...pay so ex for all japan stuff at last i get is local parts...haiz
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