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  1. Hello Bikeyroo. Aww... Thank you for the very kind words. That is so nice of you. Glad you're enjoying my ramblings. =P

  2. I've read what you wrote in your blog. Very interesting indeed. Firstly I must congragulate you on your standard of English. Excellent . I could not find any grammatical errors at all. You blog portrays you as someone who is humble, tactful, helpful, sociable and intelligent. Well done. Hope to meet you one day.

  3. 16th to 19th should be a 4 days 3 night ride. If it is a 3day 2 night ride, I suggest staying 2 nights at cameron and skip melaka. There's no point travelling so far to cameron and stay only 1 night there. The scenery and temperate environment definitely justifies a 2 night stay. Just my 2-cent opinion....
  4. Indeed, this is a veri veri good deal....but sold liao.
  5. I would choose one with the lowest mileage for its age and the least no of owners. The CB1300 with a normal mileage would be a very tough bike. Big cc, less stress. It is also not a racing bike. Only disadvantage is the road tax and maybe fc.
  6. No la, I can only do simple diy. Anyway your/our bikes hor are simply too complicated. Got so many sensor thingy.....come to think of it, should have got a well proven big S4.....hornet 900? Sometimes the simpler the engine, the easier it is to pin point problems.
  7. oic, so the 1st problem is a minor one. The 2nd problem, like I said, is very common for VFR800. Actually did the shop change a new battery or an old one for the 1st problem? If they had changed an old one which cannot hold its charge, it may have caused the magneto to burn itself cos the current cannot go into the battery and so 'bounced' back to the magneto. Or perhaps the 1st battery may have already 'injured' the magneto. I'm just speculating la. I may be wrong. What I'm trying to say is, your bike may not have other problems other than the above. I'm also suggesting that if you wa
  8. Alamak, same old story again....VFR800 is notorious for burnt magneto, S4 is notorious for rectifier failure.....F**** 1 leh (Better keep quiet otherwise pl will start throwing stones) Anyway damage won't be so much la. Ktm charges S$150+, magneto and service another $200+. BTW Wa Bo Lui, a forumer by the name of snowparang? has the same problem and he got a OEM magneto which he feels is more lasting than the original Honda one. Can give him a pm...
  9. Hello Encik, when U fellas are there, try to ask around and find out where you can rent those apartments or chalet? whereby some M'sians will come around and sell fireworks........a Kukup apartment cum fireworks trip would be fun for chap goh meh!
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