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  1. Hi, Bike prod I'm would like to check if it's possible for me to trade in my Yamaha FZ1S COE 07/2018 and take up a reloan for a Aprilia SRV 850 (Reg date: july 2013) Which the owner is asking for $15k. Appreciate if you let me know How it can be done and the interest rate if possible. Will be looking to loan for 3 years Andy 91129012
  2. Selling/trading my Yamaha fazer 1S Due to too hot and heavy for me to ride since i only ride once per week. Would prefer a scooter. Coe : July 2018 Good to renew Coe Mileage 120k Valve clearance/chain tensioner/etc has been done at 100k Come with : Hyperpro damper Hyperpro suspension Ermax windshield Givi 42L trekker box Steel brake hose Galfer front and rear disk. Scott oiler Termigoni slip on carbon fiber exhaust (with cert) Just done servicing/coolent flush/spark plug replace. Condition 9/10 Letting go at 5k Low baller and unwanted comment pls keep it to you
  3. hi fling,im interested to join S4C,wht do i need to do?(:

  4. my spark can last me 200km per full tank, and is really problem free:)
  5. hi guys, would like to ask is there any white headlight for spark to recommend? i been using a few from WYM.but most of them does not last 1-2 days...thank to any help from you guys..
  6. it will be a big hit on market if it lauch:)
  7. dude,relex alright. from his post,i dont see his acting like a god or something u mention. and dont talk about his family because it not a good way to speak ill of ppl family. so chill dude. btw freedom of speech is only apply on the internet(dream world) and not on real world.
  8. i love ervin the gay^^

  9. bro i just add u in msn..my is [email protected]

  10. GPR so far best lol,sorry to LVER
  11. LOL broke huh:) nvm lah govt giving money liao loh
  12. i only wish these guys will fall and will..... 01 - cry to their mum " now i only left with one leg,what the **** can i do" 02 - mum crying infront of the son coffin. 03 - racer " DARLING PLS WAKE UP,DONT FALL ASLEEP" just my 2cent...
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