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  1. Hi AGV lovers, I have a Brand New Valentino Rossi Ti-Tech 'Mugello Heart' Limited Edition Helmet for Sale. Its serially numbered (s/n: 802 of 2500). It also comes with a shiny iridium visor. yOu can check out my sales thread for details. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179867
  2. someone from the thread who can make made you smell his dust?? who can it be man.... BTW ppl, my lap timer has arrived! anyone keen to head down to PG this fri? i need some kakis to go with la....
  3. no la, not this weekend. i'm overseas and besides, im still waiting for the arrival of my lap timer. No lap timer go track also no use la...wun know if you're improving... besides, after the last sepang trackday i also a bit scared liao...too many bikes! and all of different abilities, and do you believe i didnt even get one clear lap tat day?? maybe when they start to segregate between rider abilities then i'll head down....you?
  4. fuel injection problems???? since when?????
  5. well said man MSF67...well said! dun say until skill rider la...a lot of riders are far quicker. i'm just average. well, to put in simply, just flip thru EVERY bike mag since last year with a 600cc group test and see who always comes up tops. true that everyone has their own opinions but when a majority of 'everyone' (aka bike mag testers) rates the CBR as the cream of the crop, then that says something. All the bikes mentioned are track bikes, so for mortals like us, we probably wun be able to ride the bikes to their limits and exploit their advantages. so whether u own an R6, CB
  6. doctor dol! hah! u're finally here! you should tell ppl that out of the 400 km u've ridden on the bike, 390 of them were ridden hard on the track laying darkies and letting ppl smell ur dust.... urs isnt even a road bike at all! haha!
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