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  1. bro loufu, still awaiting ur reply? bike sold? ... arif here 96325483

  2. saw a black 6th gen along hougang ave3 tis morning.. as it is raining quite heavy, focus was on the road, so din manage to get the no. plate... haha
  3. oops.. i din realised its a shorty.. haha...
  4. sram

    yo loufu, are u Fan with the high mount GRP pipe? Did u go khabit for RT?

  5. ya lor.. i juz been on tis forum for a yr like tat nia oredi heard b4 tis shop... u 6yrs wif them u dunno
  6. yes it is.. juz tat its heavier now... no worries, i nvr use mainstand de oso no prob... my bike tat i ride all along w/o mainstand... btw, i taking my cls2 at SSDC so if u can put mainstand on the CB750, sure no prob putting mainstand on the bike used for the lifting up/mainstand/push figure 8 test. PS: coz the bike used to test lifting up/mainstand/push figure 8 is alot lighter than the 1 we use to ride...
  7. they only teach u once.. but then if u are keen to learn.. u can request to use mainstand everytime u park ur bike during the whole cls 2 course... practice makes perfect
  8. noted.. i stay way further... but still i will be careful.. my mum stil ask me y park at home stil on alarm.. shd show her tis thread then she will noe my worries....
  9. may i noe which part of jb u all in... if near my hse too then i next time park in living room oso liao...
  10. i believe most if not all bikeshop will do xfer of ownership for u for a small fees, if u would like to let them do it for u...
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