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  1. It's been almost 2 months. Any update on your problem and how you solve it? Is it due to weak battery?
  2. ** Latest Updates in RED *** Please correct them if its wrong *SCAPE Co. Ltd -- 2 Orchard Link, 237978 -- $1.50/hr *SCAPE Youth Park -- 113 Somerset Road, 238165 -- $0.65 100 AM (Formerly Amara Shopping Centre) -- 100 Tras Street, 079027 -- $2.00/ half hour 112 Katong (Formerly Katong Mall) -- 112 East Coast Road, 428802 -- OOB 1A International Business Park -- 1A International Business Park, 609933 -- $1.00/entry 28 Ayer Rajah Crescent -- 28 Ayer Rajah Crescent, 139959 -- $0.65/entry. Same for all Ayer Rajah Crescent CPs 313 @ Somerset -- 313 Orchard Road, 238895 -- $0.86/hr
  3. Anyone knows where to fix LED headlights for Tmax 530 and how much?
  4. or this: "You can apply and receive your MACS sticker at the main Johor Bahru CIQ (ask when you are there I can’t find a direct link on their web site)." https://malaysia.curiouscatnetwork.com/2016/08/26/malaysia-automated-clearance-system-macs/
  5. Anyone tried or can verify this? I don't want the third link to do the application. "Until further notice this year you can apply for or renew your MACS at the Aeon Building that houses Jusco in Bukit Indah. Easier than ever, just take your passport there personally with RM$30, 9am -7pm. You will not even need a photograph. They will scan the photograph on your passport and use it for your MACS application" http://www.puterim.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=197:how-to-apply-for-the-malaysian-automated-clearance-system-macs-pass-no-more-need-for-filling-th
  6. If applied, does that mean you can just ride pass the booth without them scanning and stamping your passport? I also would like to apply if that is the case.
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