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  1. I had the same problem before. Idling could be low? Maybe increase ur idling abit? Could help
  2. kalo aku bapak ko pon aku sekel kepala ko..satu motor cukup ar..bukan ko nak buat lumba pon :-)

  3. That time aku nak amek lagi satu RXZ abeh Bapak aku bising ah...

    Bapak aku dont like having the idea of me having 2 bikes... Hahaha

  4. alo,bile ko tukar rxz balik?

  5. The belly able to fit on X1R? May i know the price please?
  6. Like they say, Good things don't come cheap, Cheap things don't come good. I would chose Motorworld
  7. I would like to know the prices of Raincoats mention. Thanks
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