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  1. wahh u become my shifu oredi liao!! :bow:
  2. guys need help..any 1 noe where to repair helmet etc etc?? not the padding or anythin..just the visor and sum loose stuffs on the side??
  3. wahh selling suit liao.. u got boots??
  4. i oso hope and u can go..the more the merrier from this thread the better then can mix wiv bull's side oso..merriest?
  5. mahligaimu dari air mataku? (ure castle from my tears?)
  6. dunno lei..MOS? ST James?? many lahz nowadays..last time and now veri diff worr :angel:
  7. update me k..asap..coz by 4pm i will be at xifu's..may spend quite sum time there nia..so c how..
  8. i noe lah who the 3 stooges..i mean who are the 3 stooges here??
  9. huh??how diff is diff lei??my hair black wat?? u goin where dta time?wahh sweet ride u got :angel:
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