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  1. Sry typo. $5000 now

  2. hi, im looking at $5800, anything lower im keeping. thanks bro

  3. hi, do you guys still do trade in discounts for helmets purchases? me and my buds gonna get FF helmets soon. might be getting 3-4 helmets in total. cheers, kindly pm me.
  4. hey

    mind asking how much u looking for your m400? cheers!

  5. dude getting lambretta isn't normal work scootering anymore. suggest get a normal vespa would be good for transportation. lambs dun come cheap and easy for that matter anws
  6. yo bro, i figured how to do the itrader thingy.. cheers for u.

  7. hey its me , ryan.. cheerios!


    and i'm just wondering, how many bikes u have sia? haha grandink rxz fazer?

  8. selling balance 3000 for 12 bucks.. meet at tanjong pagar mrt or marine parade or beach road area

  9. yea tts the one i saw, damn it.. so it must be ordered?
  10. hey saw this new production kawa 400cc , very retro looking, but FBD plate.. haha wads tt model ? need ur guys help!
  11. hahaha fish boy, wad a name

  12. hi any comments on ur roadwin (eg. speed, reliability and maintenance?) thanks alot

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