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  1. Hi Louis


    Do visit any of our workshops and let our Salesman advise you.


    Thank you

    Daphne 62925578

  2. Hi


    Please call Izz / Zulfaqar 68446378 for more details.


    Thank you

    (Daphne 62925578)

  3. Hi


    Please call Izz / Zulfaqar 68446378 for more details.


    Thank you

    (Daphne 62925578)

  4. Hi Simma,


    Please call Kaki Bukit workshop 68446378 for more details.

    Thank you :)


    (Daphne 62925578)

  5. Rizoma Barend $110.00 with installation

    Rizoma Conical Barend $120.00 with installation


    (Daphne 62925578)

  6. Which year model for the Honda Hornet 250?

    Looking for Top box rack or side box rack


    (Daphne 62925578)

  7. Hi Gattaca,


    Which year model for the Honda CB400L? Possible to give me the bike no.


    (Daphne 62925578)

  8. Rectifier $110.00

    Magnet Coil $360.00

    Magnet Gasket $25.00

    (Daphne 62925578)

  9. Selling at $4,500


    Daphne 62925578

  10. Honda CB400 Bellypan (Black) $55.00, Service Fork $90.00


    Daphne 62925578

  11. Hi Eidi, with regards to your enquiry, there's a tyre model, Michelin City grip available. but the rear tyre sizing would be 120/70-10 instead of 130/70-10.

  12. Please clear your inbox


    Hi any street legal for Ducati 1098s? Thanks


    LV slip on $2247

    LV full system $3785


    price with installation and before 10% discount

  13. How much to service vtec valve???


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    Please clear your inbox


    Valve clearance $350 onards

  14. Is it applicable to small bike like Spark 135(standard)?


    Please clear your inbox

    Yes, can be installed on most bikes.

  15. hi,

    do you have street legal exhuast for ducati st 4 s 2003? if yes, whats the price?




    Please clear your inbox. Sorry, could not see any street legal for this bike.

  16. Please clear your inbox.

    so you guys have only carry arashi? how about brands like braking, wk, ebc etc? sorry for asking so much as i don really know what are the brands available for spec 2.




    EBC $800 a pair

    Galfer $800 a pair

    BRAKING SK/WK $900 a pair onwards.

  17. Hi, do you carry the spark plug model NGK CR8EK dual tip? Price?


    Thank you.



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    Price had increased too much for this spark plug. It will be more economical to get a NGK iridium instead than to look for this spark plug.

  18. Hi sir...do u hve for gilera st200 n hw the installment plan?


    Please clear your inbox


    LV one SS $996

    LV one carbon $1173


    Price before 10% discount.


    0% interest instalment available for UOB / DBS / POSB/ Diners credit card holders.

  19. hi unique.


    you have Sliders for gsr400? how much? can pm?




    $80 with installation

  20. kaii69;7585094]hi .


    you have front basket with lock??


    For what bike?



    Spark 135


    Are you refering to the KAPPA box infront of rider? $68.00 (KAPPA)

  21. Yes, in stock at both our workshop

  22. Do you guys carry any stock for fuel tank cap?


    Please clear your inbox.

    For what bike? We have ready stock for Evotech fuel cap for most models.

  23. Boss,


    Your Toh Guan branch still carry the above? I intend to go over tomorrow.




    please clear your inbox

    yes, available.

  24. Hi Kelvin,


    For the conversion of tail board from Ver S to Spec III without signal light in the brake light, how much will it cost & the colour available? Thanks!


    Please clear your inbox


    $199 . Standard colour is black.

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