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  1. jus playing =)

  2. haha ya u take care too see u otr~~ =D

  3. Think I went for movie formmy friends =) thanks anyway =) see u Otr n ride safe

  4. i forgot dunno last week or last 2 week saw your kitty R6 park opposite cineleisure~~ around midnight 1am to 3am.. i saw u too with few guys~~ anyway nice paintwork :thumb:

  5. Daniel here lost ur contact sms me 97710666

  6. yup staying at redhill .

    thanks guys !

  7. yeah ! lol yup last time i riding rvf

  8. Is that a pinkKitty R6?

  9. haloz... love ur bike... u used to ride RVF wif the pinkiitty design rite? i saw u b4.. lol

  10. hey ! you got a nice bike =)

  11. thanks ! yup i staying at redhill

  12. you hot or whaaatttt

  13. hey ive seen ur bike b4. u stay at redhill riiite. haha nice bike u got there. cheers!

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